Dining Rooms & Kitchen Appliances in Northeast Oswego County, NY

No other home furnishing store in Northeast Oswego County, NY gives you the tools to build your vision quite like Pulaski Home Furnishings. Our goal is to make home design easier for you. Offering the chance for you to shop for furniture, appliances and TVs in one location ensures that you get everything you need at once so you can truly see how to bring your vision to life.

Dining Rooms

Our selection of dining room furniture includes both formal and informal options. Whether it’s a fancier look or a more modern look you’re going for, we’ve got what you need! We carry a bevy of furniture options designed to outfit your dining space to the fullest, so you can take full advantage of this room. Our options include:

Tables Chairs Pub sets China cabinets Dinette sets Tables Servers


The kitchen is the epicenter of your home, which means it needs to serve dual roles—it needs to be the place where you cook and eat, and also the place where you entertain. To ensure your kitchen is representative of your home’s needs and your wants, we’re happy to have a range of different furniture options on hand that support your kitchen vision:

Tables Chairs Refrigerators Kitchen sets Dinette Sets

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If you’re looking for an appliance store in Northeast Oswego County, NY that can match your appliance needs just as well as your furniture, Pulaski Home Furnishings is your best option. Not sure of just what to look for? No problem! View our showroom of washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers and TVs to get started. We guarantee that you’ll find something perfect to fit your style.

Give us the chance to bring your rooms together with a variety of furniture, personalized to your liking. Call us at 315-298-4300 and let’s start building your home.